Random: Ghibli-Inspired Animation Of Zelda's Castle Town Looks Even Better In Third Person

3 months ago 43

Update: RwanLink's latest project is a stunner.

Update : You might remember a few weeks ago, we flagged the latest project from YouTube channel RwanLink, which saw Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Castle Town reimagined in the style of a Studio Ghibli film. We only had a teaser to show you at the time, but now the channel has released the finished product and it's a beauty.

The above film was released yesterday to mark the 25th anniversary of the game (we're coining the phrase Ocarinaversary and waiting to see if it catches on) and it shows exactly what the animator's 600+ hours of work have been spent on — Malon and Talon, Ganondorf and more OOT references than you could fit in an Adult Wallet.

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