Review: In Stars And Time - A Tricky, Story-Driven RPG With Echoes Of EarthBound

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Let’s do the Time Warp again….

If we had to choose two words to describe In Stars and Time, we’d pick 'beautiful' and 'strange'. This story-driven RPG is ideal for fans of titles like Undertale and EarthBound. Don’t take that comparison to mean that it is identical to these games, though — it’s still its own experience.

Right off the bat, In Stars and Time looks great, with 4:3 aspect ratio that makes it feel more retro than it actually is. The music is gentle and soothing, and it pairs perfectly with the monochrome art style. The menu and settings are easy to navigate from the off, and the story starts with a detailed trigger warning; the game does have some text-based depictions of topics like suicide, which is worth being mindful of. Nothing is shown, but the dialogue is intense in places.

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